HOW TO HIDE A  E-DRIVE                                                 

  1. To open windows R.Then write DISKPART.
  2. Click  YES.
  3. The DOS window is open.
  4. Then write
  5. DISKPART>List volume
  6. DISKPART>Select volume 1
  7. DISKPART>remove letter E
  8. DISKPART>select volume 1
  9. DISKPART>assign letter E
  10. Then we go Control pannel and then click.
  11. All control panel items are opened.
  12. Next we click Administrative tools inside two options are opened Computer management and Disk management click in both.
  13. Hide Drive is opened in this right click and change drive option are shown to click in this option.
  14. Last All drive option letter is opened click ENTER and OK
  15. Your E-drive is Hide.

             WAY OF CHECKING


    1)Firstly we open the   RUN command.

    2) In RUN command we write MSinfo32.

    3) Click ENTER key.

    4) The SYSTEM INFORMATION will be shown.

                                                                                           HIDE DATA IN FILES

    1)Firstly click Right click.

    2) Then click properties.

    3)Click security option.

    4)And click administrator then ticks DELETE option.

    5) Click Yes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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